Regenerative Agriculture and Apparel

Tin Shed Ventures® is Patagonia’s corporate venture capital fund that, like our parent company, is solely focused on saving our home planet. Tin Shed contributes to this mission by investing a portion of Patagonia’s profits into startups that provide systemic and globally scalable solutions for the land, water, air, and biodiversity crises underpinning climate change. We specifically focus on strategically relevant solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of our core businesses in apparel and food, which allows us to add unique value to our portfolio companies. We hope the joint value we create will yield returns that allow us to give back to our sole limited partner, our home planet.  

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Bureo converts discarded fishnets into the first 100% post-industrial nylon with performance levels incorporated across our product lines.

Perennial Fund

The Perennial Fund offers loans to help farmers transition to regenerative practices.


Fibe is developing the world’s first textile fibers out of leftover potato stems, the largest untapped agricultural waste stream.


Trove operates recommerce platforms for apparel brands.

Heirloom Carbon

Heirloom rapidly accelerates the natural ability of minerals to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.


Edacious is building tech to measure food nutritional quality quickly, cheaply, and at scale, to help accelerate the regenerative transition.

Cairnspring Mills

Cairnspring Mills specializes in producing fresh and nutritious flours.

Beyond Surface detail shot

Beyond Surface Technologies

BST is a Swiss company that makes textile treatments using natural materials and green chemistry.

tersus clean

TERSUS® Solutions

Tersus provides back-end recommerce services, including their proprietary waterless launder, to increase the longevity of garments.


Numat scales precision chemistries to reduce the negative impact of chemical products and processes on human health and the environment.


Nofence virtual fencing enables regenerative grazing, allowing for easier and faster boundary changes and access to previously ungrazed areas.

Rubi Labs

Rubi turns industrial CO₂ emissions into drop-in cellulose pulp to replace trees as an input in man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCFs).


Matter is pioneering the capture and recycling of microfibers throughout the clothing lifecycle, from production to end-of-life.