How does Tin Shed Ventures invest?

Tin Shed believes it takes a village with diverse strengths and resources to scale solutions for the climate crisis. For that reason, we typically join investor syndicates, investing up to $2M in the Seed, Series A, and occasionally Series B rounds, and do not typically take a board position. We do require impact reporting in an effort to measure the environmental impact of our portfolio.

Will Tin Shed Ventures invest if all I have is an idea?

Tin Shed does not bet solely on ideas. We invest in entrepreneurs who have already established initial operations and a leadership team, developed a prototype and/or started development on the completion of its product or service. It is even better when a business has already started to generate revenues and has received initial feedback from the market or users of the product.

Is Tin Shed Ventures an impact fund?

At Tin Shed, we believe that impact and profit must scale together to catalyze climate solutions on the time horizon in which they are needed – and we don’t have time to wait. This philosophy is derived from our parent company, Patagonia, which believes that the private sector is critical in stewarding the path for transformational change, and to do so, the company must be financially sustainable. As a B-Corp, we take corporate citizenship and environmental activism seriously, and we look for these characteristics and approaches in our portfolio companies.